Welcome to indianscripophily.com’s online catalogue of Indian scripophily, ie share and bond certificates. The website has been created to promote interest in collecting Indian material. It will be regularly updated as previously unknown certificates come to light. Please contact us if you are aware of any items which are not listed so we can add them to the site.

The catalogue lists certificates issued in India during the period of British direct rule following the decline and dissolution of the East India Company (in circa 1858) until Indian independence and partition on 15th August 1947. During this period India comprised present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma (until 1st April 1837 when Burma became a separately administered British colony). The current population of these countries is about 1.75 billion so “India”, in the absence of partition, would easily be the most populous country in the world today. Amazingly the International Bond & Share Society ("IBSS"), the world scripophily collectors’ organisation, has only one member in the Indian sub-continent, Sayeed Cassim. Sayeed is the representative for India of the IBSS and is contactable at india@scripophily.org.

The catalogue includes certificates issued by companies incorporated under the Indian Companies Acts and the Companies Acts of various Indian states and principalities denominated in rupees. It also includes many certificates issued by companies operating in India but incorporated in Great Britain under the British Companies Acts denominated in sterling. Finally there are a few certificates issued by Portuguese and French companies operating in those countries’ former Indian colonies of Goa and Pondicherry respectively.

There is considerable interest in collecting Chinese and Russian scripophily but that pertaining to India has been very much a neglected area. We hope this website may assist in correcting that.

We are always interested in acquiring Indian scripophily pieces. Please contact us if you have anything to offer.


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